For as long as we can remember the beauty industry has been ruled by large companies. They formed an untouchable reign that dictated our dreams and beliefs. Communication worked one way: top-down — and nobody questioned their authenticity. Advertising exploited our anxieties in order to make us buy products that were going to make us feel better about ourselves: younger, slimmer, sexier. But most of the time having the opposite effect. We became compulsive buyers, obsessed with how we would appear to others, dependent of a handful of multi billion dollar companies.

And what it’s worse, not only would the whole industry make us feel unattractive, but their products were also full of dirty ingredients that poorly impacted our physical health. Great times, right?

But then technology and social media came along, and we finally hit a tipping point. We suddenly became enabled to upend the relationship we - consumers - had with brands. We now have the power to change the conversation about beauty. To say NO to unrealistic fantasies of what beauty should look like. NO to false promises. NO to toxic ingredients that hurt our skin and the planet. NO to animal testing. NO to shady business practices. And to open a world of possible.

That’s how ROWSE was born. Like many of you, we had our share of disappointment with the traditional beauty industry. And like you, we wanted to take action. We studied hard to understand what was a clean, planet-friendly alternative to cosmetics. We interviewed beauty and health leaders. Met with dozens of laboratories in Europe. Listened to an enlarged community of teens, young adults, moms, dads, grandparents. And we saw the light. What we were looking for was there all along: P L A N T S.  Yes, plants like in flowers, fruits, vegetables, nuts… Everything that’s raw and was used by our grannies and before that our ancestors — at a time when no such things as sodium lauryl, parabens, petroleum, paraffin, synthetic fragrances (insert here the name of any other of the 1000+ now banned ingredients)… existed.

So here we are, going back to the basics. Foodists will know what we’re talking about. Because Beauty and Food are pretty much linked. If you had the choice between a frozen lasagna full of pesticides and preservatives that has been sitting on a supermarket shelf for over 12 months, and your mom’s homemade lasagna with fresh bolognaise sauce and organic mozarella, which one would you have for diner?  Well, it’s pretty much the same with beauty products. If you had the choice between a face mask made with suspicious ingredients 12 months before you purchase it, and a fresh homemade mask rich in natural and organic ingredients, which one would you choose?

Good thing is you now have the choice.

Beauty ingredients should be something you could eat which is why we are committed to selecting only organic raw ingredients that would not be out of place in your kitchen.

In that spirit, allow us to share some universal beauty truths.

  • Skin care means taking care of all of your skin, not just your face

  • Beauty happens while you sleep

  • Everything you know about wrinkles is wrong

  • Eye cream is just any other cream in a smaller pot

  • The only real anti-aging is sunscreen

  • Exfoliation will keep your glow

  • Water is your best beauty ally

  • Your beauty regime also comes from the inside out

And because we care not only about what goes inside our products but also Mother Nature. Here are our three guiding principles.