Hemp (Cannabis Sativa), the magical green ingredient



Hemp is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant which is one of the fastest growing plants on earth and it is possibly one of the earlier plant to be cultivated.

Pressed from the seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant, Hemp is an extraordinary extract for cosmetics and have numerous benefits for skin and hair: Anti-aging, regenerating, revitalizing thanks to its essential fatty acids, calming… the virtues of hemp are endless - at ROWSE, hemp is part of many of our recipes!

Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa


Hemp oil is rich in omega-3 and 6 and is one of the vegetable oils with the richest fatty-acids composition. Loaded of Linoleic and and gamma-linoleic fatty acid, Hemp is very useful for dry, mature, irritated, tired and dehydrated skin. For hair, the composition of the hemp brings shine and vigor.

 This magical green oil is loaded with nutriments making it an awesome ingredient for DIY recipes and can be used raw or in preparation for skin and hair.


  • For the skin: it has a soothing action on redness and irritation. Highly emollient, it reduces water loss and protects the skin from dehydration. Penetrating quickly without greasy film, the Hemp oil is very popular for massages. Firming and softening, it helps maintain the elasticity and youth of your skin.

  • For the hair: It nourishes the hair fiber and improves the elasticity and volume of the hair.

    Smooth, it facilitates combing and brings hair shine.


Creams, lotions, makeup & sun care products, ointments, bath oils, personal & baby care products…Hemp is one of our favorite ingredients for both skin and hair. Raw or mixed with essential oils Hemp is food for your skin and hair.

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