Argan, the liquid gold from Morocco


FUNCTIONS: hydrating, antioxidant, anti-chapping, anti-wrinkle, emollient, PROMOTING HAIR GROWTH and hardening NAILs.

Allow us to introduce Morocco’s liquid gold. Known for its restorative and regenerative properties for the skin and rich in antioxidants, Argan will be your best ally to fight against skin aging. Use it as a face oil, but also to soothe an itchy scalp, dry feet or hands and cuticules.

Argania Spinosa or Argan oil is extracted from the fruit of the Argan tree, that grows in Morocco. Just like a nut, the fruit contains tiny seeds inside. To extract the oil from the fruit, the seeds are first cold pressed.

At ROWSE, we think that Argan oil, on its own or combined with other plant-based ingredients, is a must have in every beauty routine. Use it from head-to-toe for any skin and hair types.

Argan tree

Argan tree


Famous since many centuries as a beauty booster, Argan oil can be used for the skin and hair. It is clinically proven to improve the skin hydration and elasticity. It is also extremely beneficial for hair and scalp and is commonly used as a conditioner.

Used by the Berbers for centuries, Argan oil has so many benefits that Moroccans traditionally called it “The Gift of God". And it truly is a gift:

  • Very rich in unsaponifiables, Argan can help fight against ageing of the skin.

  • It contains a high level of omega-6, a fatty acid, and antioxidants that boost cell regeneration, nourishing, protecting and softening the skin. It’s also great to soothe skin irritations and burns.

  • Particularly rich in Vitamin E, Argan oil is known to boost healthy hair growth.

  • It can also have positive effects on certain skin dysfunctions such as acne or eczema (always consult your physician or other health care professional if you suffer from a particular skin condition).


  • As a face moisturizer, massage every night and/or morning 3-4 drops of ROWSE’s Argan oil directly onto your face and neck. You can also use it as serum, before your day or night cream.

  • For chapped lips, apply one drop of oil directly onto the lips and massage every time they are feeling dry.

  • For dry hands and cuticules, rub a few drops drops around your hands before going to bed for one week.

  • For dry scalp, brittle hair, dandruff or encouraging hair growth, apply a generous amount directly to the hair and leave for at least 60 minutes before shampooing or overnight. Apply a hot towel (previously immersed in hot water) on your hair to increase the benefits of the oil.

  • After a stressful day, apply a few drops into a hot bath and relax (but only as an occasional treat - we should all try to reduce or water footprint).

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