Plants for ROWSE

ABOUT rowse

The beauty industry is at a crossroads, we are on a mission to radically transform it.

ROWSE was born from the creative impulse of Nuria Val, an artist whose work explores beauty at its purest form: raw.

With ROWSE, we want to bring a different approach to beauty. We believe in the power of raw plants and have the utmost respect for nature. We are art lovers and detail freaks. We are storytellers who feed on travels and experiences.



Nuria Val is a contemporary explorer. A photographer, model and creative director, the Barcelona-born artist sources her vital energy from her travels. Always immersed in nature, her work takes us on an initiatory journey of self-reflection to reconnect with what really matters.

With ROWSE, Nuria wishes to share her artistic approach to raw beauty through a collection of plant-based oils, essential to any beauty regimen. Inspired by the passing of the seasons, ROWSE’s body oils are a mix of nature’s most powerful ingredients, botanical scents and invigorating textures.


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